Brush Rebristling

Silver Brushes

Silver Brush Restoration

Silver brushes can be rebristled into the original wooden stocks, providing these are not damaged or cracked. Wooden stocks can be replaced if necessary. 

Ivory Brush Restoration

Ivory brushes can normally be rebristled if they have small dowling holes to one end.

Additional Services

Additional repairs such as undenting, repacking, polishing and silversmithing are available upon request, but are not undertaken within the rebristling costs. If your item requires any further restoration, please note this in your order.


We use natural Chinese white bristle (cream) for most brushes, but do offer an option of Nylon upon request.

Procedure and Time Scale

Once we receive your brush, it is booked in and put on to the workshop for a hole count. This takes approximately 14 days. We will confirm the cost to rebristle your item based on the amount of holes. If you wish to go ahead, we require 50% deposit with written proceed. The delivery from this point is based on work in progress, but as a guide is normally around 16 weeks. A proforma is issued upon completion for the balance, plus postage and goods are despatched when funds are received.

Please note, brushes are undertaken at the customers own risk.


Brushes are priced on a basic  scale of 200 holes, which is standard for most silver brushes. If brushes exceeds this level, there is an additional cost per hole.

Hand Mirrors

Bevelled & Plain Mirrors

We craft mirrors both bevelled or plain for hand mirrors and small pieces requiring replacement mirrored glass. We can supply glass to template or to the article itself.

Dressing Table Accessories

Silver lid fitted with a crystal glass base

Glass Bases To Miscellaneous Lids

A huge stock of bases are retained for silver lids missing their original bases. Hand made replacements, to match originals, are also possible to create.

Perfume Bottle Repairs

We offer a wide range of repairs to damaged perfume bottles, these include, replacement stoppers, supplying silver collars / tops, internal cleaning, removing chips and supplying new bottles to silver mounts.