Miscellaneous Repairs

Replating & Cutlery Repairs

We offer a replating service on most items providing the metal is of repairable  quality. Cutlery can often be restored depending on the level of damage.

Epergnes, Flutes & Vases

Glass can be blown specially for vase frameworks or holders. Options include colours and styles such as dipped, frilly or straight edge.

Tea & Coffee Pot Knobs

A selection of tea and coffee pot knobs are kept in stock with fitments in many different sizes and shapes.

Bevelled Glass

Bevelled glass for carriage clocks, baromenters and other pieces can be created to requirements.

Liqueur Cups

Heat resisiting replacement glass for metal toddy / liqueur holders are created to suit. 

Walking Stick Phials

We can create the tiny secret phials and glasses that are hidden within some types of walking sticks.

Glass Domes

Small round display domes can be manufactured up to a diameter of 7" to customers wooden base.

Chandelier Drops & Sconces

We keep a wealth of different shaped and sized crystal chandelier drops and sconces ranging in style and cutting.

Chimneys & Lamp Glass

Heat resisting chimneys and lamp glass can be hand crafted to specifications.

Communion Jug

Our specialists can hand blow replacement glass for communion jugs or similar pieces that need to fit the glass in several places.


Waisted glass for hourglasses / timers are created by hand to each individual holder or framework.


We keep a vast selection of plain, faceted and cut glass stoppers in varying sizes, from the tiniest perfume to the largest decanters. Stoppers are generally hand fitted to the vessel requiring the replacement.

Glass Repairs

Repairs to Glassware

Repairs can be undertaken in many ways. Grinding where glass is chipped, fusing where broken into pieces or sections blown to rejoin damaged / missing areas.

Due to the unpredictability of glass and hidden stresses incurred when damaged, all glass repairs are undertaken at the customers own risk.